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Your web site is a representation of your business. All of your potential customers have the opportunity to see it. It is important to put a professional face on your business and the web gives you the opportunity to do just that. That is the reason that each site we build is to the individual client's specifications. Therefore the prices listed below are approximations. We do have enough experience to be able to be accurate in our quotations once we know exactly what it is you want. We will never surprise you with hidden charges.

Brochure Web Site: A brochure (basic html) site consists of an introduction (home) page, a company profile page, a presentation of services and/or products including images (client supplied), a photographic tour of the facility (with client supplied photographs) and a contact page, which includes web based inquiry forms. We will edit and convert any images the client supplies to the best format for web presentation. We include JavaScript and/or DHTML functionality in our basic sites for menus and other "impact" features. We also include one standard advertisement banner consistent with the look and feel of the site. The price for a brochure site starts at US$1,500 and generally ranges up to US$1,800.00. Special extra features such as Flash or virtual tours can add substantially to the cost.

Interactive Dynamic Web Site: These sites start where the brochure sites end. Today, business web users expect to find timely information when they visit a web site. Depending on its intended purpose, we design the underlying database tables that will drive the web site's functionality. We then design the pages that will serve up the information. These pages can be used for many different purposes. We can build product catalogs, line sheets, sample previews, standardized order forms with inventory availability, dynamic membership lists, password protection to limited-access sections of your site... anything that is information driven. We also provide a set of user-friendly browser based forms so that your staff can maintain the data on your site without outside intervention. This feature can save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over time. Adding database functionality to the cost of a basic web site starts at a minimum of US$2,000 but can climb substantially depending on size, complexity and features.

Consulting: We include telephone consulting in the project costs. For other than web site clients we charge US$75.00 per hour for telephone consultations. For face to face consulting we charge US$150.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum including travel time.

Flash: We do not encourage business sites that are entirely Flash based. We do like to use Flash as an introduction to a site for impact. We charge US$75.00 per hour to create Flash movies.

Virtual Tours: Virtual tours require specialized equipment, software and techniques and it is necessary for us to visit the subject facility. Our studio is equipped and we have the needed experience.

Streaming Audio & Video: We can deliver your message in your own words. You can make sales presentations available on demand as if you were working directly with an account. Recording and editing for web delivery is a very specialized process and must be priced on an individual case basis.

Search Engines: Every site is optimized for search engines and directories. We submit each site to the top search engines at no charge. Some search engines and directories (such as Yahoo!) charge a fee before they will review a commercial site's submission. The client has the option to include these submissions at the client's expense. We do not charge for the submission work itself. It can take many months before your site is listed on the search engines but it will be immediately listed on the ApparelLink Index and your Banner will be added to Textile & Apparel Traders.

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