Yahoo!, eBay and dozens of other eCommerce application providers realized that in order to reach a broad market they would have to make site administration non-technical.  It is important that anyone be able to maintain their own content. The result is Business-to-Consumer generic online eCommerce applications.
ApparelLink took the concept a step further by creating online applications specific to the Apparel Industry. With easy to use, password protected forms, content can be added, edited and deleted to your Virtual Showroom or Virtual Boutique with just a click of a button. No special software other than a web browser is needed.
This example comes from an ApparelLink Virtual Boutique.
If you have ever added an attachment to an email you already know how to upload an image to your site.
The Fashion Business Inc site is an example of a dynamically driven online application. Its content is maintained by receptionists, interns and other general office personnel saving thousands in webmaster costs.

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