It occurred to us that the functionality a fashion apparel web site required was too expensive for most small to medium sized apparel manufacturers and specialty store retailers. Our business is to provide apparel related web sites yet it seemed a waste of our targeted clients’ money to sell them a brochure site. Our challenge was to make a fully functional, dynamic, data-driven, fashion web site available at a price our target client could afford.
Your ApparelLink Virtual Boutique is an application on the Web that functions exactly as your “brick & mortar” Fashion Boutique would. It is an independent web presence for your company under your own domain name. It contains all the functionality necessary to support your sales. ApparelLink Virtual Boutiques share established web traffic through the ApparelLink Index. The functions incorporated into an ApparelLink Virtual Boutique have been drawn from our extensive industry experience and from feedback from our clients.
Just as the Virtual Boutique your ApparelLink Virtual Showroom emulates the functions of a Corporate Fashion Showroom.
Common to both is the ease with which the owners can maintain the content.

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ApparelLink Virtual Boutiques